See you in Bangkok in 2022!

Finally, it seems like we will be able to gather the troops again and travel to Blitz Thailand! This time we plan to proclaim the Gospel in all the 77 provinces at the same time!


It is time for a change

For national reformation. For each level of the society to experience the love and power of Jesus. We stand close to a tipping point; the moment when the whole nation will hear the gospel – at the same time in all the 77 provinces! The Blitz vision is a strategy that makes this happen.

Blitz is about massive mobilization. A large number of people from different countries connect with Thai believers, and together we share the gospel in schools, hospitals, prisons, government offices and marketplaces – simultaneously in all 77 provinces. Thailand shall be saved!

No Distance Is too Far


Million inHabitants

Million buddhists

Percent Christian



Are you a handyman? Do you like to sing or dance? Do you love playing football? Is your strongest gift to show care? Do you love to teach or preach? Bring your gift and your experiences to Thailand in August and use it to proclaim Jesus in the most unreached country in Southeast Asia!


The main host in Thailand is Christ to Thailand Mission (CTTM). The main focus of CTTM is evangelism, church planting and discipleship training.

The organization was founded by Sonny Largado from the Philippines more than 40 years ago. CTTM serves the body of Christ across Thailand. Some of CTTM’s closest partners in Blitz Thailand are Intercessors for Thailand (IFT) and Ethnos Asia Ministries (EAM). The main partner outside Thailand is Blitz Partner, which is based in Norway. Leader is Dag T. Heggset.

The program

After the kick-off meeting, which brings together all the different teams, you will be sent out to your province together with a team you travel with or a team we have put together for you.

Now is the time to meet local Thai Christians and together you will visit and minister in schools, prisons, villages and in the streets. On the final day of Blitz Thailand, all the teams will meet again in Bangkok for a big celebration of what we have witnessed!


To participate in Blitz Thailand 2022, you must first participate in the kick-off in Bangkok. It brings together all visiting teams, as well as local leaders and partners. We will pray and sing praises together, get useful information, and prepare ourselves for what is waiting for us in the provinces.

Information about accommodation in Bangkok, how to get there, what to bring and how to best prepare yourself – it will be given to you when your application has been processed.


The prices you see below are from 2021 and they include hotels in Bangkok before and after Blitz Thailand. Look at it as a starting point to plan from. We are now working on setting up a tour package for 2022. We ask for some patience until this is in place and we will update this page continuously.


30,000 Thai Baht (9,000 NOK)

Children and students

Under 18 years old or full-time students 15,000 Thai Baht (4,500 NOK)


Maximum 105,000 Thai Baht per family (32,000 NOK)

What is covered?


  • in Bangkok during the kick-off
  • in “your” province during Blitz Thailand
  • in Bangkok at the end of Blitz Thailand 2022

Support for others

You also help to raise support so believers from the surrounding countries can join Blitz Thailand! 


  • preparations and follow up
  • translators
  • Gospel material


Travel insurance

Included for some credit cards


Valid at least 6 months after the return date


Polio, diphtheria, tetanus, Hepatitis A/B


I was on the very first Blitz to Thailand in 2016 and the was the point I learned personally that God is real! God showed me that he really wants to heal people! So of you want to have a new experience, get to know God even more and get to know amazing people, join us to Thailand!❤️?

Robert Berli-Johnsen

I participated in my first mission trip in 2016 with Blitz Thailand. It was amazing! Lovely people, lovely food, and great fun to witness, pray and listen to others on the team share what they have experienced with God. And see the Thai people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior  I would not go home from the mission, because I felt so good and experienced God`s presence and leadership in a powerful way. Join  I promise you will not regret 

Therese Reistad

An amazing happening

Blitz Thailand is an amazing happening. The Thais are so friendly, they are so open to the gospel, and many received Jesus and got healed. The trip is well organized and our team was fantastic. Go for it!

- Tarald Drejer

Blitz Thailand is an airborne vision. When he was on a plane flying to a conference abroad, Dag T. Heggset saw the map of Thailand came down from heaven in an open vision. A blitz like a lightning bolt simultaneously hit all the provinces on the map of the country. At that time Dag was feeling down and burned out, but God gave him a new fire and passion for Thailand and actually lifted him up as he was flying in the air. That means Blitz Thailand is not a land-based vision belonging to one nation. No, it was born in the air and belongs to the whole world as an international vision to bless the wonderful nation of Thailand. It is therefore many nations coming together to bless the benefactor of the vision – the beautiful people of Thailand. Let’s stand together to fulfill the vision and bless Thailand with the gospel of grace unto salvation and liberty.

Frank Erlandsen

Senior Pastor in Betel Church Trondheim

It is with delight and pleasure I recommend everyone to do their utmost, by financial means and personal sacrifice, to participate in the next chapter of Blitz Thailand.

When I first heard about the vision given by THE LORD, to my friend Dag T. Heggset, I was deeply touched and moved. It is not possible to receive such a vision and be silent. And Dag T. Heggset has included all of us in spirit, soul and body, and we are shouting together, “COME AND HELP JESUS REACH THAILAND!” No time for excuses, for explanations, for dropping out. It is time to ACT. It is time to GO. It is time to PARTICIPATE. It is time to PREACH. It is time to PRACTICE.

Karl-Axel Mentzoni

Founder & Director of Mentzoni Worldwide and senior pastor in Filadelfia Church Fredrikstad

The Blitz vision has proven to be a progressive tool by which a whole nation of believers can be mobilized and activated to reach their own nation of non-believers with the gospel. The vision is simple, powerful and doable – and also adoptable to any nation. We from Jesus to all Nations endorse Blitz’s work and vision and encourage leaders and laymen to embrace this divine strategy.

Daniel Smenes

Founder Jesus to all Nations

Blitz Thailand has become a culture changer in the last five years of its operation in Thailand. It has challenged and changed the traditional & conventional way of doing evangelism in the nation. Undeniably, it has brought greater unity to the Body of Christ in a predominantly Buddhist nation.

Blitz Evangelism, if accepted and embraced by local churches, can be implemented in other countries to multiply the number of believers and double the number of churches in such a short time. That’s why it is called BLITZ EVANGELISM!

Sonny Largado

Founder & Director of Christ to Thailand Mission and Ethnos Asia Ministries


Blitz Thailand is the vision Dag Heggset received in 2006 that all 77 provinces in Thailand should hear the gospel – at the same time!

In an open vision, he saw that a map of Thailand came down from the roof and hung in front of him. Suddenly all the provinces caught fire – at the same time …

«Blitz is when a large crowd of believers divided into many small groups preaches the gospel in all the provinces at the same time.»

Over many years, more and more people have embraced the vision. In 2018 it was mobilized to send out 24 teams, in 2019 it doubled to 48 and in 2022 we ask for teams from different countries – to all 77 provinces!

Dag T. Heggset

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


No problem. There will be many who do not have their own team. In this case, our core team in Blitz Thailand will put together groups of 4-6 members, who complement each other in age. Each team will also be connected to Thai churches and teams in their respective provinces.


Everyone who wants to join Blitz Thailand 2022 must contact us, initially by sending an email to: Later, a link to the registration form will appear here, and then this will be used for registration.


You must submit the application no later than May 1. But the sooner, the better! It will give us more time to connect with you, pray for you, choose the right province for you, and it will also give you more time to get acquainted with the culture, pray, etc.


As soon as we have accepted your application, we will send you a confirmation email with the necessary payment details. In 2021, we set a deadline of July 1. Expect it to be a bit earlier this time.

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